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2007 College Football Blogger Awards - Best Analysis

If you like to crunch numbers than this is the category for you. I tip my hat to those who can look at all sorts of data and compose it to a level hat we all can understand or enjoy to read. This takes some real patience, something I don't have, and so the amount of time that the following sites put into providing it to us in order to tell a story is simply amazing.

Here are my nominations for Best Analysis:

  • BCS Busters - As I said in my Best New Blog Nominations it is hard to ignore BCSB's work. He has looked at the BCS a million different ways to Sunday in trying to get us to understand that there is more to the BCS than meets the eye. Agree or disagree but it is hard to ignore all that BCSB's has put forth in making a solid argument of where the BCS really stands.
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback - Again, an obvious choice. SMQ's Life on the Margins posts exposes angles I wouldn't think of looking at. But to me even more interesting are the individual team reviews that SMQ writes up in the off-season that are again packed with all sorts of useful information.
  • Saurian Sagacity - Another great blog that really took on the madness that is the BCS. I don't agree with everything they have written but the hard work they put into it is simply awesome. I don't think that any argument can be based solely on numbers as there is a human component that can't be ignored. A great read no doubt, especially for a Gator Blog ☺

Next Up: The Job Award