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Mayo Cleared by the NCAA but...

It was a violation.

From the USC Official Website:

USC had asked for an interpretation from the NCAA on whether it was a violation for O.J. Mayo to receive tickets to an NBA game from Carmelo Anthony, an individual with whom he had a pre-existing relationship. USC received an answer from the NCAA earlier today. The NCAA ruled it a violation, therefore at that time USC declared him ineligible and petitioned for his reinstatement.

As a condition of his reinstatement, the NCAA said that he had to make a charitable contribution of $460 based on the value of the tickets. He and his family did that today, therefore late this afternoon the NCAA restored his eligibility and he will be able to play in tomorrow's game against Oregon.

What a waste of time and energy. Mayo/Carmelo, Wooden/Love and Leinart/ESPN are just example of the time wasted on things that in the grand scheme of things are unimportant.

They should be focusing on the Reggie Bush issue so that we can a ruling, move forward and put that issue behind us.