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2007 College Football Blogger Awards - The Best MSM Blog

This one is easy. There are a lot of great journalists out there that have gotten into the whole blog thing. They use it as way to discuss lesser topics or further move topics along that generate interest in either main page websites or in print.

It can be a tricky balance but to me one site stood out recently in how it handled a series of events that will mark a change in the rivalry between USC and UCLA.

My nomination for The Best MSM (Traditional Media) Blog:

  • Brian Dohn Inside UCLA - The firing of Karl Dorrell and the subsequent coaching search culminating with the hiring of Rick Neuheisel brought out passion on both sides of the issue. Dohn had the unfortunate task of having to put up with childish behavior, verbal attacks between posters and even attacks on himself. Why he put up with it for so long is far beyond me but he handled it with grace.

    Some felt Brian had his own agenda in his support of Dewayne Walker for HC, that may be, but right or wrong, good or bad the press has always had an agenda and Brian Dohn as a person may have wanted Walker but to me that is secondary to how well he handled the madness and the unending immaturity that reared its ugly head on his site.

    Whatever his motivations, real or imagined, Dohn handled it with grace and professionalism, it only compliments the writing he does on his blog on a daily basis. So a big hat tip to Mr. Dohn...Shine on you Crazy Diamond!

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