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2007 College Football Blogger Awards - The Best Looking Blog

Asthetics are important. There a re a lot of great looking blogs out there. What the site hosts do to their individual sites to jazz them up can go a long way to bringing readers back.

This is my nomination for The Best Looking Blog and to me there is only one to choose.

  • Rocky Top Talk - I will admit my bias towards Joel Hollingsworth as he has been my mentor in learning Flash and I can't say enough about his patience in helping me along. The Animated BlogPoll and the Animated Drive Charts have been fun to learn on my own but that is just some of what Joel does. The different ways in which he uses not only Flash but Deamweaver to make nifty banners and tables for either stats and game reviews really give his posts a different look. Even the 2006 CFBA Trophy Case is a great example of Joel's creativity.

    To me there is no better!

Next Up: The Best MSM Blog