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2007 College Football Blogger Awards - Funniest Blog

There are times when stats and analysis become trite and muddled. There are time when humor ids the order of the day and it can go a long way to break up the routine. EDSBS has always been a favorite but because Orson is ineligible this year it is time to look elsewhere.

Here are my nominations for Funniest Blog:

  • Hey Jenny Slater - The title says it all, as it is taken from one of my favorite movies. I still laugh when Jeremy Piven is ignored by Jenny Slater, but I digress. Doug has consistently made me laugh, as he mixes politics, his love of the Georgia Bulldogs and life in general that makes for a crazy combination.
  • Black Heart Gold Pants - As I noted earlier Jebus and Oops crashed the scene this year and have taken no prisoners with their brash attitude. God, no one is safe!
  • Loser With Socks - The great thing about the SEC isn't just their passion for football but also their ability to laugh at themselves as well as each other. Of course all Tennessee fans have Alabama in their sights just like Michigan and THE Ohio State University do towards each other but there is still something about that southern humor that brings it to a whole new level.

Next Up: The Best Looking Blog