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2007 College Football Blogger Awards - Best Writing

This is what's its all about. With great content you can't build a great community. Getting people interested is only the start; you need to keep them interested. The content has to be interesting enough to keep your loyal readers and attract new readers at the same time. It also has to attract those that may not necessarily agree with you but that will also spark some lively respectful conversation.

Here are my nominations for Best Writing:

  • Sunday Morning Quarterback - SMQ consistently writes informative pieces that do a couple of things, 1) they are packed full of info and analysis and 2) he always makes you chuckle. There are always some good zingers or jokes to be found within all the information that SMQ puts forth.
  • Burnt Orange Nation - Peter Bean also provides a mix of analysis and humor like SMQ but it is far more in your face, in a good way, he also throws in a healthy dose of partisanship just to make sure you don't forget that BON is a Texas Longhorn Blog. PB continues to inspire me to be more creative in my writing, as he gives me something to shoot for every time I sit down to write a piece. His passion in his writing shows in the responses he gets and the interaction that is present everyday on BON.
  • Dawg Sports - Kyle's writing is legendary. He is able to formulate an argument on any position of interest that can take you all over the map. His writing is not for everyone but it is sure to generate some interest and gets the conversation going. I took exception with some of Kyle's writings over the course of the past year but that doesn't mean that I stayed away as I continued to be interested in his measured thought provoking positions on numerous issues of the day. When you read Kyle's work make sure you bring your lunch because it could be an all day affair.

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