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2007 College Football Blogger Awards - The Best Community

Great writing, great analysis and camaraderie; that's what builds a great community. Agree or disagree but when everyone pulls together and when everyone's opinion matters a site can really take off.

Regardless of how or why a community comes together when things start clicking you can get some great interaction and some great comments or observations from your readers.

These are my nominations for The Best Community:

  • Everyday Should Be Saturday - This is obvious, regardless of the team you root for EDSBS brings together all types of fans, even rivals, Orson's witty and knowledgeable commentary has us all laughing our asses off or making us think. And now that Orson's gone full time there is no limit as to what he can do.
  • Blue Gray Sky - If you're into Notre Dame this is the place for you. Great analysis, great interaction and some pretty good snark. Even when things are going bad they still find a way to get the fan base energized and involved. A must read even of you're not an ND fan or if you're looking for anything that is ND.
  • MGoBlog - This is a no brainer, if you paid any attention to this site after Michigan's loss to App. State and Brian's analysis and monitoring of the Michigan coaching search then you would have witnessed a whole lot of traffic and discussion going on MGo. Michigan fans are loyal to the core and Brian finds a way to keep them interested and coming back for more.

Up next: The Best Writing Nominations