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2007 College Football Blogger Awards - The Best New Blog

As I mentioned yesterday voting is now open for the 2007 CFBA's. Please make sure you vote before Sunday night over at the nomination page.

Just a couple of notes, remember that readers and bloggers alike can nominate their favorites, so readers, leave your nominations in a nomination comment thread or post a diary, and in either case, use the Nominating Gizmo. Finally, remember that last year's winner in any given category cannot win this year. So, as Peter at BON said, don't nominate EDSBS for Funniest Blog, even though it is. Make sure to Check the 2006 Trophy Case if you're unsure.

I'm not going to write up all the categories that I nominate here on CC but the ones that really stand out to me I will write up.

These are my nominations for The Best New Blog:

  • Third Saturday in Blogtober - A great name and an even better concept. This is how a rivalry should be. Alabama and Tennessee fans co-write a blog together, let the fur fly or the fireworks begin. These guys get it and they do some great writing while throwing some snarky jabs at one another. A great read!
  • BCS Busters - This is one of those sites that really dives deep into a subject and doesn't let go. Ben is one of the most passionate writers I know as he analyzes the BCS and he can write with the best of them. We're not talking about fluff pieces with a lot of filler but real detailed pieces that break down the BCS and the other conferences in general.
  • Black Heart Gold Pants - Jebus and Oops have a great blend of quick and dirty writing that also has some great humor. They always keep me laughing in the chat thread of EDSBS Live so it's not surprising that they will keep their readers in stitches.

Up next: The Best Community Nominations