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Chow signs on at UCLA, claim sources

Well if this is true (and it appears to be so), damn if it won't make for an interesting game in December. According to sources who have spoken to Brian Dohn, the beat writer for the LA Daily News, Norm Chow has signed on as the Offensive Coordinator at UCLA. ESPN is publishing the same story on the strength of the self-same sources (presumably) having spoken to Chris Mortensen.

This will certainly make life interesting on the recruiting trail. As I understand it, QB isn't really a priority for SC this year, which will only reinforce the attractiveness of signing on at UCLA for young QBs.

In any case, there are many happy bruins on the strength of this news, since hope has been something of an ephemeral and cruel feeling for them over the last couple of years in football. Still, while there are a few games to be won before UCLA is at the top of the Pac-10 (minor detail), Chow can only be an improvement over Jay Norvell, whose offense probably did more to shorten the lifespan of the bruins' defense than anyone else last season.

More details as they emerge.

Update [2008-1-21 2:15:41 by DC Trojan]: LA Times story has been posted here.