The Best Class Ever?

That was a fantastic win on a fantastic day in Arroyo Seco yesterday. The first TD- Booty to Washington- was awesome! Booty played a fantastic game and with a career total of 7 TD's, he's become the all-time QB TD leader for The Grandaddy of 'em All! Mr. Rose Bowl if you ask me.

Here's a listing of seniors who'll be leaving our beloved campus. Some will get drafted and play in the NFL, others will continue on with their lives in the professional world- here's hoping that the education they've received and the hard work they put forth on the field and in the classroom prepares them all for a meaningful and prosperous future as they move on with their lives outside the confines of USC.

Jody Adelwale
Sam Baker
John David Booty
Will Collins
Sedrick Ellis
Lawrence Jackson
Michael McDonald
Alex Morrow
Drew Radovich
Desmond Reed
Matt Spanos
Terrell Thomas
Chauncey Washington
Thomas Williams

*most all these players redshirted at least one year during their USC careers. Reed? Well, what else can you say about Reed and Washington? It's the type of character, integrity, and grit that these two possess that America was built on.

". . .In the sun that is young once only,

Time let me play and be

Golden in the mercy of his means. . ."  Dylan Thomas - Fern Hill

Let's not forget one very very important player who would have stayed and graduated with this year's class - Mario Danelo (rest in peace)

To one and all of the above mentioned: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your class will forever leave an indelible mark in the annals of Trojan football. Fight On!

Others who would have graduated had they stayed with their incoming class:

Darnell Bing
Reggie Bush
LenDale White

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