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The Rose Bowl - USC 49 - Illinois 17

The Future...Take a good look! Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images Via

After coming out hot in the first quarter and a half SC started to let Illinois back into the game. It was puzzling to me why Zook didn't throw the ball more against SC's soft zone. That really could have been turning point in the game but Illinois never got the chance.

SC went with trickeration and they went after the ball getting 4 turnovers. The defense absolutely dominated Illinois and it was like they never knew what hit them, as they contained Williams and for the most part Mendenhall who could not get it going consistently. Rey Maualuga had the game of his life with tree sacks one INT and a forced fumble and it earned him defensive player of the game. There were some penalties in this game and not all of them legit so we need to work on that next season.

The offense for the most part worked like a charm though it was clear early on that we could run on these guys so I was disappointed when we would go into passing mode to gain yardage when all you had to do is run it. Chauncey Washington in his final game scored two touchdowns showing us what we needed from him all season. Joe McKnight had the play of the game in the 3rd qtr when a lateral pass was thrown over his head which he picked up on a bounce and went 65 yards being chased down Illinois' Vontae Davis. Booty who was named offensive player of the game, once again was dialed in on Mackey Award winner Fred Davis who he hit for some game saving plays including a TD.

Once SC settled in in the 3rd qtr they were starting to have fun. They had some lapses though, Mendenhall had a couple of long runs including a 79-yard TD Run. He is going pro no doubt about it and Arrelious Benn had a long TD catch.

So there you have it. We will have more tomorrow and more during the week. Another great Rose Bowl win for SC and another dominating performance for the defense as they came to play and set the tone early.

Leave your comments of rants here; this our postgame thread.