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Thoughts on Yesterday's Games

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With SC having a bye week it was good to watch a lot of different games and what a great day of games there were yesterday, as there were some real doozies out there with a lot of close calls.

I saw a few of the early games except for Oklahoma/Miami and Oregon/Michigan, and most of the late games but missed some of the games in the "middle" of the slate. So lets do a quick rundown of what I saw, or listened too on satellite radio.

In no particular order:

Nebraska - the word of day around the Internet is "pedestrian" and it will be used a lot today. I was in the tank for Nebraska just two short weeks ago; I really thought that they would be better than they looked yesterday. Keller looked awful and the defense was not impressive. Kyle was right and I was wrong, at least as far as Nebraska is concerned, as they should have done a better job at putting away the Demon Deacons - I love that name by the way. Nebraska's defense has 4 new starters on the D line and their linebackers seemed tentative in trying to make plays. If I am the guys at Corn Nation am I more than a little worried about playing USC next week. They won't move in my BlogPoll ballot for this week.

Texas - A tale of two half's, as they looked out of sorts in the first half giving up 10 points off of turnovers and they just looked like weren't firing on all cylinders. Mack Brown made the halftime adjustments and away we go... I think they still have some issues but they figured it out and put away a pretty good TCU team. Colt McCoy wasn't his crisp self, but he got the job done. Not sure if they at #2 in my BlogPoll after seeing some other teams play though. Note to PB the Oklahoma game is going to be an absolute shootout.

West Virginia - I saw only a little bit of this game as I was focused in Nebraska but from what little I did see their defense did not play up to snuff. Marshall is a rivalry game of sorts but regardless with some voters thinking they deserve the #1 spot in the BlogPoll their performance yesterday didn't change my mind. They may go down in my BlogPoll.

Washington - I listened to this game on XM, I was stuck at my nephew's B-day party, they seem to be putting some things together. Jake Locker is going to be fun to watch but he still has a way to go. Just curious do you think Ty Willingham is chuckling at the goings on in South Bend? They may break in o my BlogPoll.

ND/PSU - I caught some of this on XM and some once I got home Morrelli threw a terrible pick to get ND on the board early but over all had a pretty good game and PSU had a good game on the ground rushing for 250 yards. Clausen looked OK starting the game going 6-of-7 but the PSU defense pounded him hard with 4 or 5 sacks and a lot of pressure. ND might be good next year with all the talent they should sign but that's next year. I know its only ND but PSU will move up in My BlogPoll because they played a solid game.

LSU - Like I said in the diaries this team is "Scary Good!" I think its fair to reason that VA Tech is just a slightly above average team so to some LSU should have beat them but you can't deny hey dominated the Hokies the whole game. It would not surprise me if they jumped USC in the AP and USAToday polls though that won't happen in my BlogPoll. Playin' out on the Bayou certainly helped but it is hard to argue that Loud Mouth Les doesn't have a very talented team. Miles to Michigan talk is already percolating...not happening.

Georgia - I saw only bits and pieces of this game as I was focusing on Texas/TCU but I am surprised that the Dawgs only had 4 field goals in this game. From what I have read Stafford was constantly under pressure form the Gamecock defense and while the Ole Ball Coach doesn't have the speed that he had at Florida he had just enough to beat Georgia, the other USC may make my BlogPoll ballot as well this week.

Arizona State - I saw only portions of the second half but Torain is the real deal and the SunDevil defense was stingy in their game against Colorado. Erickson will do some good things in Tempe, he is still a psycho though.

UCLA - I did not watch or listen to this game as I was unable to find it anywhere in NYC but I did watch it on ESPN GamcCast, a mistake as CBS SportsLine is much better, and I did pop over to the site from across town and you could imagine the gnashing of teeth going on with a typical Dorrell performance. They are already sharpening their knives to carve up Dorrell for another mediocre performance. BYU is in a rebuilding stage and as Frak described in the diaries the bruins once again get away with a lucky win. The run defense did look solid, but we have seen that first hand so it is no surprise there. What is a surprise is ho poorly the secondary played, so much for "Safety U". Markey is not the real deal, Kahlil Bell is. Ben "SPJ" Olson is anything but a savior. Cowan needs to be in there, as Olson just can't provide the spark that they need. If they struggled at home with a team that is in a rebuilding mode then I'm not sure how they will fare against teams with far more talent. They won't move in my BlogPoll either. but some of the comments I read reaffirm my position about the heart of some on this team. It's kind of like watching a trainwreck at times as you just can't turn away and want to se what happens next. We'll see how it goes.

An interesting week of football no doubt and the landscape gets a little more clear.

It's Nebraska Week!