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Not Accepting a "Lateral" Move

There is a neat feel good story in the L.A Times on Receiver Brad Walker of the Reggie Bush Lateral fame.

Brad Walker and his USC teammates filed into the athletic dining hall after Thursday's practice and glimpsed former Trojan Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints playing the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts on TV in the NFL opener.

Walker, a senior receiver from Tustin, will be forever linked to Bush, the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner who inexplicably and unsuccessfully attempted to lateral to the former walk-on during the Bowl Championship Series title-game loss to Texas in 2006 at the Rose Bowl.

"I never wanted to be remembered for being the guy that was in such an unfortunate play that some people say cost us the game," said Walker, who was awarded a scholarship in August. "I try not to think of it like that."

But Walker cannot elude the notoriety, so sometimes he is forced to good-naturedly embrace it.

"I'm aware that was a major play in college football history," he said. "Sometimes when I'm introduced to people, they don't really know who I am until I say, you know, 'the Reggie Bush play'?

Who knows what Reggie as thinking but sadly that is in the past. I still have not watched that tape and I probably never will but I need someone to clarify something for me, was Walker the player that dropped the screen pass the play or two before White got stopped on 4th and 2? Somebady help me here. If so, that play is far more important to me than the "Bush Play". If that catch is made we not only get the first down but we also, if I remember correctly, move the ball deeper into Texas territory and make it tougher for VY to score, oh well.........

Walker is a feel good story as he has earned his way onto the team and is making his own mark.