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Cry Me a River

When Oregon robbed Oklahoma of that victory last season I really felt for them, they had clearly put a weird off- season behind them and were on their way to the Big 12 championship. The Rhett Bomar/car dealership thing really put a wrinkle in their season with all the potential distractions. Their team played pretty good last season and it appears that they were on the comeback trail. Of course then the NCAA made them vacate the whole 2005 season because of the whole Bomar mess.

I hardly blame the team or the institution as a whole, as they attempted to address the situation by self-reporting the matter to the NCAA. Boosters as we all know can get way out of hand.

Well, it seams that their fans are still smarting from that 55-19 ass-kicking as they smell a conspiracy brewing.

From the L.A. Times:

Three members of the spirit group known as "Ruf/Neks" agreed to meet for Labor Day lunch at a restaurant not far from the Big Red Sports/Imports car dealership that fuel-injected Oklahoma football toward its sixth major NCAA probation.

One wore a T-shirt that read "We Only Came Here to Drink and Beat Texas."

The "Ruf/Neks" were formed here almost a century ago and their many duties now include cleaning up after "Boomer" and "Sooner," the ponies that pull the school's famous schooner during football games.

The Ruf/Neks think the probation is a load of you-know-what.

They want to know why Oklahoma was forced to vacate all eight wins from its 2005 season while No. 1 USC continues to play on without paying pipers.

Oklahoma self-reported its violations, punished itself, and yet the NCAA still descended.

Elsewhere, allegations swirl that USC may have defeated Oklahoma to win the 2004 national title while using an ineligible player, Reggie Bush.

"And we get our wins erased?" Justin Myers, a 21-year-old marketing major, asked. "I'm not saying it's a conspiracy, it's just not the proper allocation of rules and regulations."

Cody Busch, 19, who wants to be a sports agent, leans more toward grassy knoll scenarios.

What these pooper-scoopers for Boomer Sooner seem to miss is that the NCAA is far from finished with their investigation on the whole Reggie Bush mess. Any SC fan with half a brain can figure out that something is amiss but because no one is talking things are at a standstill.

I think its funny that the OU faithful think SC is getting a free pass as their program has been in and out of trouble with the NCAA for years.

Others, of course, are free to speak their minds.

Switzer called USC and Notre Dame the "sacred cows" of college football programs while, in terms of NCAA scrutiny, "Oklahoma's been their whipping boy."

Switzer said the alleged problems at USC are no more the fault of Trojans Coach Pete Carroll than Stoops is to blame for Oklahoma's monitoring woes.

"They got alumni out there doing things for their kids too, just like it happens here," Switzer said.

Switzer says the NCAA's order for Oklahoma to vacate wins is laughable, and would say the same if USC was forced to relinquish the 2004 national title it claimed with a 55-19 victory against Oklahoma.

"I still know who won the game and who's the best team," Switzer said. "And Stoops knows too. That don't change history. I don't think they want the trophy."

If the NCAA really wanted to punish Oklahoma, Switzer said, it could have ordered the kind of scholarship strip that devastated Miami and Alabama in the 1990s.

Switzer is way off base in some areas and dead on in others. There has never been any evidence or allegations that any USC "booster" was involved in the Bush mess. He may think that USC is a sacred cow but if there is evidence that the school knew the NCAA will come down on them and HARD. I agree with Switzer that even if they take titles away we all know who won that game and who is the better team.

OU has a chance to take control of the Big 12 with what appears to be a pretty good team they have a chance to beat both Nebraska and Texas and win the Big 12 all this whining from their fans about conspiracy theories and such only makes them look bad. They need to worry about their own house because in the end they still got bet like a drum by know 55-19.