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With 31 Flavors you only picked Vanilla??

A number of weeks a go I remember seeing a survey either on ESPN or, I can't remember which one that asked layers about what coach they would want to play for and such. On of the final questions asked to the players surveyed was if the y read the various fan blogs of their respective team. The majority said no and on player said his reason for not reading said sites was because bloggers really don't know what is going on behind the scenes. That's fine and there is some truth to that but some of us DO have our inside contacts.

Suffice it to say I think many of us had no clue as to what we witnessed on Saturday night Dan Weber of the Press-Enterprise had some thoughts on that on Sunday morning.

"Is that all there is?" seemed to be the theme of many postings on Web sites from USC fans who thought they'd shown up at the Coliseum for the fourth preseason scrimmage, the one the USC players didn't seem to want to play.

Sure, the tailbacks, for the most part, ran hard. And both kicker David Buehler and punter Greg Woidneck, as expected, booted the ball a long way.

But the rest of the highlight reel includes only Shareece Wright's back-to-back hits, Vidal Hazelton's leaping TD grab and Stanley Havili's five catches.

Kris O'Dowd, USC's first freshman starting center, gave himself a B for his debut, a better self-grade than most of the other Trojans.

[...]But why? How does such a thing happen?

There's only one conclusion. It happened because Pete Carroll wanted it to.

The only thing Carroll seemed to want Saturday night, he got: "We wanted to play everybody," he said, and he did.

I am not sure what the reasons were outside of what I saw on the field Saturday night. We have all marveled at the great job that Pete Carroll has done since he has arrived at SC and we have all been spoiled at the dominance that we have seen at times on the field. But things change and so people do with it. It is quite possible that Pete Carroll is changing the way he operates. Is it possible that PC wants to keep his cards close to his vest in how he prepares for certain games? Or is this just away for him to other teams off balance towards his approach. May he is hiding some of the team's deficiencies or lulling opponents in a false sense of security. That is not the Pete Carroll we all know and love, PC is not afraid to get in another teams face and go right at them.

I don't know and I don't care, it may not be pretty but a win is a win and that is all I want. We all want dominating wins as it makes us feel good as fans but I think the players needed this to offset all of the hype that is out there, of course they have all heard it they are human how could they not hear it. I won't deny I was left scratching my head too but I the end it doesn't matter what I think it only matters what the coaches think, if they aren't happy then they need to fix it. If this is part of a bigger plan I will interested to see how the rest of it plays out.