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BlogPoll Ballot - Not Impressed Edition

I have been pretty up front that I am not a fan of early polls. I think it takes time for things to shake out and for the voters to get a feel for how teams will perform etc. Even though I am not a fan of early polls I like doing the BlogPoll because you really have look at all the data to put up a quality poll.

Michigan being upset by App. St. is obviously the big news of the week but the various blowouts by big time teams over the cupcakes they schedule early in the season (LSU, UF, WVU) or the disappointment that some feel when highly ranked teams don't perform up to expectations (USC, Texas) don't really give us the full picture.

About the USC win, As I noted in the comments in another thread, because we have been spoiled by some wild-ass opening games over the past few years it is easy to see why some would say that SC's win against Idaho was unimpressive or lackluster. If SC had blown them out what would we have learned? That SC was as good as the all the hype that has written over the past few months? SCplayed good enough to win by 4 touchdowns how much more of a statement do you want them send. They didn't write all that hype but they did win and a win is a win.

Cal was the most impressive of the opening weekend with an impressive win against Tennessee, they are going to be good no doubt about it. Other games were interesting and fun to watch but tell a bigger story, ucla-Stanford comes to mind. The bruins have a solid team and they have the talent to very well but we all know the coaching will probably get in their way. That being said they had open up the WHOLE playbook to beat a lowly Cardnial team that could very well go 0-12, to me that's like killing an ant with a hammer.

I am amused at reading some of the BlogPoll ballots that have been submitted, teams are all over the place. Outside of the obvious dropping of UM completely out of the poll, I am seeing more of a shotgun approach then rifling in on the target, that's cool as we all have our own views as to where the teams should be teams ranked and of course everyone's opinion matters and they are fun to read.

I have actually gone in the other direction with my poll. Because most of the teams played what can be essentially called "tune-up" games I didn't see enough to move anyone too far from where they were last week. Obviously Cal, Tenn., and UM had some significant moves but I also moved TCU up and I gave ucla a bump because they played a conference foe even though they are bottom feeders, in conference wins mean something to me. I'm still not completely sold on the bruins but they have the talent. I thought TCU was impressive in their win and Texas could have their hands full if they play like they did against Arky St. Clemson and Georgia Tech break into the top 25 because of impressive wins.

In the coming weeks we will see some great games and you will see things start to shake out. I have no doubt that some of the top teams listed will continue to perform and stay at the top. There will also be some surprises and some predictable loss as well but until we get into the meat of the schedule I just can't make an educated enough of a guess to move teams all over the place over some easy wins.