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USC over Washington 27-24

Sloppy Play...Period!

We did not deserve to win this game...PERIOD!

We will drop to #2 in the Polls...count on it!

It isn't enough that SC lost TWO offensive linemen on the same play but the 4 personal foul penalties and the sloppy penalties all around that made this game ugly. John David Booty can forget about the Heisman, he needs to focus on getting SC another Pac 10 title but if continues to play the way he did tonight that will not happen.

The overthrown balls, the balls thrown behind the receivers and the tipped passes take chances away from SC scoring and continue to show our vulnerability. I can live with the INT's, I don't like them but they happen, as balls bounce off guys and receivers miss routes, though our receivers should NEVER miss their routes. That stuff drives me nuts. I won't blame Booty for Ausberry slipping even though the call was reversed and we got a field goal. The blocked punt was an atrocious thing to let happen.

How SC stayed in this game at all after losing O'Dowd, Rachal and Wright isn't real surprising with the depth we have but the depth is still a bit untested and it showed tonight, that we didn't put this game away when we had the chance is disappointing. On offense, Chauncey Washington was a bright spot tonight as was Fred Davis and Patrick Turner. The defense once again kept us in the game and while I am not happy with the personal foul penalties but I am happy with the aggressiveness, as some of those penalties were borderline at best and nonexistent at worst on the defense but the offensive penalties and Booty's play reminded me of OSU and ucla in 2006.

I'm not sure why UW didn't get Locker to run it more in the second half, as he was pretty effective and the could have used that spark. One thing is for sure they came to play and they gave us all we could handle.

We will have more tomorrow. This is our post game thread.