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The Injury Clinic - Broderick Green Update

It was reported by both the L.A. Times and The Daily News that Broderick Green will have surgery to repair and stabilize the stress fracture in his foot. This is significant because it is sure to be the end of the season for Green. This underscores the necessity to diagnose and stabilize these sorts of fractures early so that the possibility of further injury can be reduced, as I noted before this type of injury is a bad actor and in Green's case we can now see why.

The surgical procedure is termed Open Reduction Internal Fixation ORIF for short. The surgery is comprised of making a small incision at the area of the fracture and inserting either a pin or a screw in the bone to reduce the fracture into place and stabilize the fracture. Once the fracture is fully healed, usually 8-12 weeks, the hardware is then removed and the patient is usually immobilized with a splint or short cast until they are cleared to resume normal activity.

Below are some x-rays of the injury and treatment. The x-ray on the left clearly shows how this injury has progressed to be significant enough to require surgery. This is why it is so imperative to diagnose and treat these injuries early so that the patient does not require surgery.