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Passless in Seattle?

I was talking to an old SC buddy last night who lives in Bellingham WA, and he was pointing out that the rainy season (fall) seems to have got an early start there - also that it's supposed to rain tomorrow at game time in Seattle. (I checked and it appears to be so.)

If that is the case, what are the odds that Booty throws more than 20 passes? I have this notion that he'll be taking snaps from a deck chair and handing the ball off to whichever running back is closest. A little Student Body Right flashback, but with precipitation.

Well, maybe not, but I think the "WR Improvement Project" can wait until there have been a couple of rushing TDs to give us some breathing room for the inevitable dropped passes in the rain.

On a related note, SB Nation's Washington blog U-Dub Dish is back up and running as of Wednesday of this week. Their game preview is here, and they seem to be less optimistic about their chances of scoring 20 than I am. In any event, welcome to SBN, gentlemen, and here's hoping for an interesting game on Saturday. (Not too interesting, though.)