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Cary Harris Looks to Play

Update [2007-9-25 18:49:19 by Paragon SC]: OK, I’m putting this at the top of the post. But Gary Klein in the L.A. Times is reporting a different story.

Emphasis Mine!

Junior cornerback Cary Harris, who dislocated his right shoulder against Washington State, went through the first drills of practice until team trainers saw him and pulled him out.

"If they let me, I'm going to play against Washington," Harris said.

Harris said an MRI exam revealed no torn ligaments or bone bruises, but his range of motion remained limited.

Ok I’m stumpted did he tear them or not?

As they say…..Devloping.

Surprising to say the least. I have been working on a more detailed piece on Dislocated Shoulders while waiting for the word that his injury was more serious but Wolf is reporting different.

Harris To Play?

Cornerback Cary Harris' MRI showed no serious damage but did show some torn ligaments.

However, he will try and practice with a harness tomorrow and said he wants to play against Washington.

I spoke to two sports medicine specialists today and both said the same thing, if it's a shoulder dislocation and it's in a young patient surgery will be indicated because the recurrent dislocation rate for a patient under 25 years old is higher than in older patients. I'm not sure that he will be ready to play with torn ligaments because the stability of the joint has been compromised and it won't take much to re dislocate it. I would also be concerned about Harris' ability to fully extend his arms as this is when the unstable shoulder is most vulnerable especially when you are going for the ball or bracing yourself when you hit the ground.

I hope Harris is good to go but don't be surprised if he is not available to play.