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Injury Report - WSU

Harris Dislocates Shoulder, Cushing Re-injures Ankle

When I saw Cary Harris go down I initially thought it was dislocated Elbow. The way Harris' arm was locked in with WSU receiver Brandon Gibson and the way he landed looked like either a hyper-extension or dislocation. Neither is good. When I saw the injury at anther angle that when I saw it was his shoulder. Harris is going to out for while if not the season.

USC's injury-depleted secondary suffered another blow Saturday when junior cornerback Cary Harris dislocated his right shoulder during the Trojans' 47-14 Pacific 10 Conference victory over Washington State at the Coliseum.

Harris was hurt with 5 minutes 11 seconds left in the quarter while defending a pass in the end zone that was intended for Brandon Gibson. He left the game and did not return.

I am already working on an Injury Clinic post looking at the Dislocated Shoulder that should be up tomorrow.

Cushing on the other hand may have re-aggravated his earlier Ankle injury.

Cushing Hurt Again

Linebacker Brian Cushing reinjured his sprained ankle when he heard a pop during the game. He said he heard the same pop during Tuesday's practice.

He is going to get an MRI to see if his ankle is OK but does not know if he will play against Washington.

"I hope so,'' he said. "It's tough to say right now.''

Sooner or later he needed to get in the game but should it have been this game with things so well in hand.

We will have more on this later.