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Washington St. 14 - USC 47

I will have a complete game wrap tomorrow but for now here are some quick thoughts.

First, Harris has a sprained shoulder so as soon as we get more on that I will have an Injury Clinic write up when I get some more solid info. Let's hope he is OK

Booty had an OK day. That was a bad pick. The Receivers did a great job tonight especially Fred Davis, he is my player of the game with 124 yards receiving.

For the most part the Offensive Line gave Booty the time he needed though they did give up a sack and he was forced out of the pocket a few times.

The running game continues to be solid with Chauncey leading the way.

The secondary is still playing a little too soft for my liking but I shouldn't complain as Alex Brink had a terrible evening. The front 7 got some good pressure on him and Kyle Moore was once again a stud and LoJack had a great evening.

Special teams were much improved with some great returns.

Joe McKnight had a productive night so he is getting into the groove.

The player of the game - Fred Davis
Photo: AP - Kevork Djansezian via ESPN

We will have more tomorrow. This is our post game thread, leave you comments here.