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GameDay Open Thread - Washington St. vs. USC

Pac-10 conference play opens tonight and USC needs to keep things humming. SC can't afford a letdown after their big win against Nebraska last week.

Keys to the Game

  • Just like last seek SC needs to contain Michael Bumpus and the other receivers, especially with the short passes that Brink will look to throw. Brink is a little more stable than Sam Keller so I wouldn't expect him to make the type of mental mistakes that Keller did.
  • With the less than stellar WSU defense it is obvious that SC will try and establish the run but the receiving game needs to come to live in order to offer a more balance attack. Turner needs to step up big and Ausberry needs to stay consistent.
  • Once again control the line of scrimmage. We saw what the offensive line is capable of they need to keep it going.
Things I am curious about
  • How will Chauncey Washington do? This is his game to make a statement as the most senior running back on the team.
  • How will the receivers do?
  • Will the secondary have a dominant game?
  • Keep feeding McKnight the ball!
Leave your questions, comments or rants here.

We need to stay focused and not have a let down!!