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Washington to Start at Tailback

Senior TB Chauncey Washington gets the call to start against Washington State on Saturday. Pete Carroll made the call yesterday.

Seniority apparently has its privileges.

A week after sophomore starter C.J. Gable ran for 40 yards on his first carry against Nebraska and sophomore Stafon Johnson rushed for a career-best 144 yards, senior Chauncey Washington will start at tailback against Washington State, Coach Pete Carroll said Thursday.

Washington, the Trojans' leading rusher last season, had been on track to start the opener against Idaho before he suffered a shoulder sprain in the Trojans' final training camp scrimmage.

Washington gained 43 yards in 12 carries and scored two short touchdowns against Nebraska.

"He had a great camp until he got knocked and he's done a lot of good things and he's back out here," Carroll said.

So lets see what Washington can do. I have always been of the mind that players who get injured should not lose their place on the depth chart but with what we have seen with Johnson and Gable it is hard not to argue not to make the change. With all the talk about freshman starting and all the tailbacks we have I think things are actually working out nicely. AS much as I hated to see him go Moody heading out might have been a blessing in disguise. God knows I hate it when SC loses top talent but what can you do other than just put your head down and plough through it.

Next year things will shake out with Washington off to the NFL leaving the starting TB spot up for grabs for basically three players, Johnson, Gable and Bradford. McKnight is not in the group because we will see him used in a much different role. I would like to see Bradford reconsider the FB spot but the coaches have to really sell it to him and his dad. Bradford should not and will not play defense, they tried it last year and if Bradford would have excelled he would have been on the defense when the season started this year so all that talk needs to just stop.

It is a hot potato situation that's for sure but there isn't another person that is more capable of handling it than Pete Carroll. Provided there is no let down from the Nebraska game, this game against WSU offers SC another opportunity to use multiple players in multiple roles. WSU is last in scoring defense in the Pac-10 allowing an average of 29 points in their three games this season. The running backs could see the same type of holes as they saw in Lincoln but with showers in the forecast it may not be as easy to blow those holes open.

We will have more on the game later today and tomorrow.