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This isn't The NFL!!

A little more fall out on the Jones transfer over at ND and a few other things.

Did Charlie know

On Tuesday, Weis said he didn't know that Jones was leaving the team until 20 minutes before the team bus departed Friday for Michigan. Jones has said in published reports that isn't true, that Notre Dame coaches knew.

And Notre Dame running back James Aldridge said this: ''The coaches, they knew.''

Something is off here. Are two players lying? Did Weis' assistants know but not tell him? And if so, what does that say about his leadership?

This is too bizarre. Weis is loosing this team and the style in which he has chosen to operate will only alienate this team more. The continual blaming of Willingham is only used to deflect the criticisms of Weis by those have bought into the hype hook, line and sinker. They remind me of the Dorrell apologists from across town.

This is not the NFL, Weis needs to understand that for all the good he did with Brady and such doesn't matter at ND just like all of the Leinart and Bush highlight reels don't matter in the NFL. These are kids who simply want to play football and they want to win.

The ironic thing is that some claim that Pete Carroll was failure in the NFL and he has found his niche in the college ranks. Weis had plenty of success in the NFL, again hiding behind Belichick, but thought he could cast a spell on the ND faithful with all that NFL success and the hardware would just come tumbling in. Flashing Super Bowl rings and regaling wild stories of life in the NFL with potential recruits isn't how it gets done.

You know how college coaches sometimes don't do well when they go to the pros? Weis' knowledge is of the pro game. And maybe that's not translating to the college level.

''I'd like to know what that means,'' he said. ''I don't see it that way.''

It means that you can't put in gimmick offenses for one game with a bunch of players who aren't at the NFL level. You can't hide from your team who the starting quarterback is, as Weis did before the opener. It needs a leader. It also means that you can't keep changing everything when you have rules prohibiting excessive practices.

Consistency, remember?

Its too bad really because like I said yesterday ND fans are passionate and respectful and a competitive Notre Dame makes it fun for us all.

So come on Charlie fix it so we can have some good games!