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No Excuses

Interesting column by ESPN's Chris Fowler today taking a brief look at LSU and USC.

We've learned that the personality of this USC is able to do what few programs can. The Trojans staff gets recruits who are as ready for the spotlight as possible and coaches them up quickly. Freshman Kristofer O'Dowd was somehow ready to play well in the big game. The center from Tucson, Ariz., excelled in the hostile Huskers environment, blasting holes for Johnson and fullback Stanley Havili, who is a redshirt freshman recovering from a broken leg that cost him last season.

Each week I visit with coaches who bemoan the "youth" and "inexperience" of their teams. And they are usually talking about third-year sophomores or juniors just cracking the lineup. USC does not make excuses. The Trojans just get great players and get them ready. When linebacker Brian Cushing, USC's defensive leader, couldn't go at Nebraska, Clay Matthews stepped in and did the job.

And they wonder why SC continues to get top talent and showcase that young talent right out of the gates. No fear baby! There is an air of confidence in this program that is UNMATCHED anywhere on the CFB landscape. They can laugh, they can snicker and they can piss and moan about it all but Pete Carroll and SC continue to drive the narrative even when they fall short.

I have no idea how the season will turn out but I like our chances better than others.

Just keep feeding the machine baby!!