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#1 USC 38 Idaho 10 - Post Game Thread



Idaho vs. #1 USC



#1 USC

Lets not get crazy here there is no reason for SC to get crazy in this game. No, it wasn't a very inspiring win. Yes, it was a plain vanilla game plan as not to show Nebraska anything interesting.

This one is in the books and that is that. Lets remember something we don't know what goes on in the coach's heads so I am not going to speculate. We saw some good things tonight. I thought the O line was pretty good. I thought the receivers played well and we saw some good things in the running game. The defense didn't get the pressure we would like to see but I think it was all about laying low.

We have been spoiled the past few seasons with playing big name teams in our season openers. I'm fine with the win and I'm sure that PC will address our concerns, but don't' be surprised if he doesn't.

It has been a long day of football so I am out. Tomorrow is Family day so I will be of line until tomorrow evening. We will look at more then.