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BlogPoll Week #3 - Statements Being Made

Interesting goings on with this week's BlogPoll.

Florida and USC made some serious statements with big wins against Tennessee and Nebraska respectively. Texas while being undefeated continues to struggle against less than stellar competition, I hung with them as best I could but I'm just not sure if they are there yet. LSU, Oklahoma and Cal round out the top 5. Cal was effective against Louisiana-Tech though the win left a feeling of dissatisfaction as the head into Pac-10 Conference play. But I think that Cal has more than shown us that they have the talent to compete with the big boys.

I struggled with keeping WVU to 6, as they have played fairly well, even though they did struggle in the first half against instate rival Marshall. I just think Cal has shown us more and I'm not quite there yet with Penn State though they too are making a strong statement. I think Oregon is the real deal and they, along with Cal, concern me as the 2 teams that can things tough for SC in the Pac-10.

It is clear that the top 4 teams are USC, Florida, LSU and Oklahoma. Oklahoma has the easiest road to travel to get o the title game and I think UF and LSU will cancel themselves out in regular schedule and then in the SEC title game. They are the only 2 to teams that really stand out in the SEC. I still see SC losing a game but I see no reason that they couldn't still get to the title game.

Newcomers to my poll are ASU at #24, South Florida at #23, Kentucky at #22 and Boston College #12. BC has beat an OK Ga. Tech team and Wake Forrest team that almost beat Nebraska. Matt Ryan in only 3 games has almost 1000 yards passing on a 130 attempts. Kentucky and South Florida get in with impressive wins against Louisville and Auburn respectively. ASU is in on a 3-0 record that signifies that they psycho is back and that he will make it interesting.

Those exiting are Tennessee, Ga. Tech, Washington and ucla. Washington's Jake Locker is for real but he is young yet and will need a little more seasoning. Ty Willingham has done a great job at turning Washington around, once again showing why he is a pretty good coach. Tennessee made it close at The Swamp but UF just had too many weapons to overcome. Tennesse has played two tough games on the road and come up short on both occasions. UCLA had their watershed moment and the future of Karl Dorrell is clearly looks like he will be fired at the end of the year. The finger pointing between the coaches and players, the gnashing of teeth of those who always wanted him gone and the general feelings of despair have hit the bruin faithful hard. Even the issue of whether or not he should be fired immediately brings further frustration to the issue as some feel it would be unfair or not politically correct to make the switch. Fire Dorrell now, don't fire him now who knows but as I have stated earlier it will get worse for ucla before it gets better as there is no guarantee that the next coach will be any better or more effective. It is going to be a long season across town.