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Gentlemen, Meet Stafon Johnson!

Catch me if you Can!!

Photo form the AP's Dave Weaver via ESPN

So who is YOUR player of the game?

Here are my Candidates

  • Stafon Johnson
  • Stanley Havili
  • John David Booty
  • Sedrick Ellis
  • The Offensive Line Specifically O'Dowd
I think we have our running back, a playmaker who tonight made the most of what was in front of him. Obviously Johnson could not have had the night he had without the O line blowing open some big holes. Stafon must have had Big Dad riding on his shoulder all night.

With SC coming out on their opening drive going 95 yards in 4 plays it was easy for some of us to think this could be a long night for Nebraska. Then Nebraska found a spark with Keller throwing dink and dunk passes for short yardage in the middle, in the flat, everywhere. I was worried when Nebraska went up 10 -7. The Maualuga penalty was out of the blue but I could live with it. Callahan finally opened up the playbook and Nebraska all of a sudden was going to be a competitive foe. They had the crowd in the game and they were moving the ball. So SC changed directions and opened up the running game and Johnson broke loose.

Here are some numbers:

  • USC 313 yards rushing 144 by Johnson 1 TD
  • Booty 19/30 144 Yards, 2 passing TD's 0 INT
  • Havili 2 TD's
  • Washington 2 TD's
  • Bradford 1 TD
  • McCoy 1 TD
We will have a full wrap up tomorrow. This was a great win but it is in the past and we move on to Wazzu at home next week.

This is your post-game thread.