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Nebraska Week

With an off week last weekend SC gets ready for Nebraska on Saturday. This game is in Lincoln and will be USC's first true test to see if all the hype is warranted.

Here is what is on tap for the coming days:

  • Our BlogPoll ballot will be submitted covering last week's games, there will be some movement based on what I have seen already from some other ballots. Some are already moving SC down a notch or two, that's fine, the polls shouldn't matter at this time of the season anyway.
  • We will have a roundtable of sorts with our friends at Corn Nation. They have some issues going into this weekend with a less than stellar performance from Sam Keller and the Nebraska defense. Wake gift-wrapped that win for Nebraska.
  • We will take a look at the injury status of those who have been on the shelf and I will have a write-up on one of two knee injuries, I'm just playing with some HTML stuff to tie it all up.
  • I am working on a piece looking at the comparisons, recently made on another USC site, in regards to USC going down the road that FSU has traveled of late. This is in the early stages and probably won't be posted up until later this week but the topic will generate some buzz I'm sure.
Of course anything of interest that pops up on our radar screen will be looked at as well.

Enjoy your day!