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Game Day Open Thread Idaho vs. #1 USC



Idaho vs. #1 USC

Saturday September 1, 2007
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Fox Sports 7:15 PM

#1 USC


It is finally here...

USC starts their run towards another National Championship. We are not going to get crazy tonight as SC is expected to do well. I will be interested in watching the Offensive Line, the receivers and of course the running game. It is expected that john David Booty will play at least three quarters regardless of the score. That is obviously what we want to see 3 qtr.'s then out.

With O Line the biggest question will be O'Dowd, how will he do in his first start and how does he fit in with the rest of the line. I will interested to finally see Stafon Johnson and David Ausberry finally get on the field and show what they can do. Off the field the biggest question will be the play calling of Steve Sarkisian, I'm not too worried, as the three-headed monster from last year was a bit confusing at times. There have been comments that SC will miss Norm Chow...let me make this clear, those days are over and they have been for three years now. Sark is more than capable to run the offense. There is only ONE Norm Chow just like there is only ONE Pete Carroll and you can never replace them. Those make those comments about Chow being gone are living in the past and are probably still stinging from the beatdown that he brought to so many.

Here are the keys to the game from Dan Weber at the Press-Enterprise:

Three keys for the Trojans:
  • Wide receivers must make plays. Keep an eye on Patrick Turner, David Ausberry, Vidal Hazelton and Ronald Johnson, and watch where USC tries to find them with the ball.
  • Trojans must be able to run the ball whenever and wherever they want. And they must be able to do it with whoever is in the game -- from C. J. Gable and Stafon Johnson to specialists like big backs Allen Bradford and Broderick Green.
  • Force turnovers. Create takeaways. Get back to old-style ballhawking Trojans football. Create a short scoring drive -- or three.
Matchup to watch:

The last time Nathan Enderle, Idaho's redshirt freshman quarterback, suited up for a real game, it was a high school contest in the middle of Nebraska two years ago. He'll be in the big city against a big veteran USC defense.

So that's it. With respect to Idaho, this is a tune up game for SC. If they get out to a comfortable lead SC should pull the starters and let the youngsters get some experience while resting the big boys.

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