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Just catch the ball, Stafon

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Gary Klein's daily update on practice noted that Stafon Johnson is making some headway in his game play, but when he lost his temper and threw a ball at Will Harris, Pete Carroll embarked on a teachable moment:

Johnson, the former Dorsey High star, took a handoff and ran over cornerback Vincent Joseph, drawing cheers from teammates and observers along the sideline. However, as the play continued, safety Will Harris wrapped up Johnson and added a few choice words as well, inciting Johnson to throw the ball at the defender.

Coach Pete Carroll immediately got into the running back's face, then halted practice for an expletive-laced speech to the team about avoiding unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties.

"It's so important and such a great issue for the young guys, I had to stop it right there," Carroll said. "It's just one of those times you've just got to make a statement. I wanted to put my arm around [Johnson], like 'thanks for the opportunity.'

"He was perfect about it. It wasn't about him at all. It was the issue."

Said Johnson of throwing the ball: "It was just the heat of the moment. . . . Coach was just trying to teach me to keep to myself and play ball."

Johnson responded with several more impressive carries, including a long touchdown run at the end of practice.

Fair enough. As SMQ noted in today's Thursday Hub, it's not the first time that Pete Carroll has used a little Anglo-Saxon invective to make a point...