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So are they cleared or not?

Both The L.A. Times and The L.A. Daily News, via Wolf's blog are reporting that the three players awaiting clearance from the NCAA Clearinghouse will be allowed to practice. Mark Tyler was given full clearance while Brandon Carswell and Broderick Green are awaiting clearance while their paperwork is reviewed. I'm not quite sure what that means, I mean how long have they had it?

From the LAT:

USC running backs Marc Tyler and Broderick Green and receiver Brandon Carswell joined teammates on the field for the first time after they were cleared to practice by the NCAA Clearinghouse on Wednesday.

The three freshmen took part in the Trojans' walk-through and will practice this afternoon.

Tyler received full certification. Green and Carswell are allowed to practice during a 14-day review period, according to Coach Pete Carroll, who had called the NCAA on Tuesday.

USC compliance officials also had called the NCAA.

I guess I'm not sure what the big deal is here. They should be allowed to practice while the NCAA takes their sweet time and if the aren't cleared then get them off the field. For all the money this institution makes off of the various income streams they have you would think that could hire a few more people or update the computer systems or something to streamline the process. I am also wondering what role USC can play to move things along. I'm not sure if they can help but it would be nice to know if they can help get all their ducks in a row so that there aren't any more surprises like this in the future.

Lets hope this is resolved quickly.