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Turner Stepping Up, Woidneck gets scholly

Per Gary Klein's article in the LA Times today:

  • Patrick Turner is making the effort to take and hold on to the starting spot, and show a little leadership as well. Hazelton seems less overwhelmed by the play book, and the rest are making headway
  • Carroll has been putting a flea in the ear of the NCAA about the Clearinghouse status of Marc Tyler, Broderick Green, and Brandon Carswell - their paperwork is in, they're just sitting around waiting for a thumbs-up or -down.
From Wolf's Blog:
  • Walk-on WR Brad walker got a scholarship, as did punter Greg Woidneck. Which is nice.
  • Trey Henderson's injury is a tear to the meniscus. He'll have surgery next week, and be out for 6 weeks or thereabouts. However, he was going to redshirt anyway. Did you know he is Canadian? Where don't Carroll and the coaches recruit?