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Other Tuesday morning miscellany

Some odds and ends for Tuesday morning, including some alumni mentions - a little late in some cases, but there you go...

  • Jamie Lovemark has been selected to the US team for the Walker Cup, which is roughly the amateur equivalent of the Ryder Cup as it used to be before they started letting Continental players in... (/British bias). The Walker Cup will be played at the Royal County Down Golf Club in Ireland on September 8-9.
  • SBN's New Orleans Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles, gets a quick (and well earned) jab at Reggie Bush's off-season activities, and then puts forward his idea of how the Saints' offense should like up for 2007, with Bush in a class all his own to complement the WRs and HBs. Meanwhile, SMQ is giddy about the return of pro ball (does this man ever sleep?) and the photo caption makes me think he's willing to overlook Reggie's various indiscretions in exchange for a few more soaring TDs...
  • Meanwhile, over at SBN Titans' blog Music City Miracles, they've been wondering about how productive LenDale White will be this year. Early returns from training camp appear to be that White is practicing as if he'll be the starter, so hopefully he'll keep his injuries and weight under control and show them some of that power running that I (for one) miss greatly.
  • Dwayne Jarrett signed a contract with the Carolina Panthers, shortly after Ryan Kalil. Jaxon from SBN Panthers blog Cat Scratch Reader went to practice last week, and came away impressed with Jarrett's catching abilities. Jaxon is also very much impressed with the attitude of Ryan Kalil, who is practicing both on offensive lines and special teams as well:
    I reported last week that Kalil was playing on kick-off returns and appeared to be with the first team. He seemed to doing pretty good with it. I then read in his camp diary that he has never played special teams before in his life. I love his attitude, he seems to be willing to whatever the coaches ask of him. No attitude problem here.

    As mentioned in that quote, Kalil is keeping a blog on the official Panthers site, which included the sad news of his grandfather's death - condolences obviously to the Kalil family.

  • Finally, Jim Harbaugh isn't just getting people in the Pac 10 all riled up - Yost over at the M Zone relays a few choice words from various Wolverines in response to Harbaugh's claims about Michigan's handling of academics for football players. You know that people are pissed when they start to crack out the old DUI episode. Suffice to say, Yost is now calling on other Wolverine blogs to refer to Harbaugh as Fredo. I think we can get behind that, don't you? (There's a poll for you to record your opinions, FYI, but until I can work out how to get it into the main article, you'll have to click through...)


Should we start referring to Jim Harbaugh as Fredo Harbaugh?

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  • 20%
    Harbaugh? He's a football coach you say? At where? They still play Div 1 ball up there? I'll be damned.
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