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The Injury Clinic

We're going to start a new feature here at CC; its called The Injury Clinic. Very little time is spent focusing on the different injuries that we read about or see throughout the season. I have been doing posts on various injuries since last season and they have received a lot of attention. DC Trojan and I discussed this earlier in the year though, I wasn't sure how it would go over so I kind of shelved it until just recently. I'm in a good spot to do this, my 25 years in orthopedics and my contacts within the orthopedic community give me a unique perspective on the various injuries that we will hear about throughout the season.

While this information is good to know and makes for some interesting reading my duties towards the patient will always come first. I will be privy to some patient information, as surgeons do consult and discuss various injuries when it comes to new treatment techniques and such but I will not post anything about a player's injury until it's out in the open first. I will also respect my surgeons privacy as most of my discussions are general in nature and because of my unique relationship with them I will not reveal which surgeons I talk to or receive information from unless they OK it first and I will only do that when they have reviewed what I am prepared to post for inaccuracies or incorrect information. Most of the material I will use is available on the internet and I will make every effort to give those sites the proper credit. It will not always be possible but most of the time it should be.

For the most part I plan to focus on injuries to USC players but I will definitely post on injuries of top players, some players within the conference or any other interesting injuries that may come up. I will try to do this as a weekly post usually on Mondays but if something really interesting comes up I will post on it right away. If there aren't any interesting or serious injuries to write about I will write about other injuries pertinent to sports.

I while keep a list of links in the side bar as these stories roll off of the main page. This will enable those who haven't seen the original posts or who want to review them again the opportunity to do so without having to do a search. Once they roll of the main page I will reformat the post as a general information page focusing solely on the injury removing any reference to the players made in the original post. I will of course in the new formatting place a link back to the original post as the new formatting will likely have updated information, the best example of this will be the post on Washington's shoulder injury as there is more information to discuss that is not pertinent to his injury. Some of these posts will look familiar from last season like the Powdrell Injury though it too has been reformatted. Others from last season, also reformatted, will also be a part of the series.

If any other Blogger has any questions in regards to any injuries that arise with your respective team please shoot me an email at and I will do my best to get you a timely answer. If you need a write up on a specific injury for your site I will see what I can do if time permits, you can also link to any of the injury write-ups that I have already done in the sidebar under the heading The Injury Clinic for quick reference.

A big Thank You to both DC Trojan and PB for encouraging me to take this to the next level.