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Just the Facts

This is why I love Dickie "Hoops" BS.

This is one article I will enjoy linking to. There is no fluff here, just facts. Being in the NYC area gives me a chance to get the NEW YORK Daily News on the way to work in the morning and read Weiss' work. There is no having to worry about trying to get on line to read it.

Here is a sample:

Southern California is the consensus No.1 in the AP and coaches polls again. But that has not stopped LSU coach Les Miles from taking shots at the Trojans and the caliber of their competition in the Pac-10.

... USC coach Pete Carroll knows where all this is coming from - the contentious 2003 split national championship between the two schools - but he has refused to dignify Miles or those LSU fans who refer to his conference as the Slack-10.

He'll let the facts speak for themselves: his teams are 4-0 against the SEC and defeated West division champion Arkansas, 50-14, on the road last year.

When it comes to Carroll and the Trojans, however, some other facts speak even louder. USC, which won national titles in 2003 and '04, is coming off five consecutive seasons with all of the following: a top-four AP finish, a Pac-10 title, at least 11 victories and a BCS bowl berth. The Trojans have won seven national championships in all, and have seven Heisman trophies on display at Heritage Hall - three of which are from the past five years (won by Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush).

Like I said just the facts, no fluff. This is why Weiss is one of the best college reporters around, him and the "Ock" Jim O'Connell. I would like to here about the national Championship math he is going by though with his giving SC credit for only 7 NC's not 11. But to me that's minor.

This is a refreshing take on our team.