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There is an interesting article in to day's L.A. Times featuring C.J. Gable.

"I'm a competitor, I don't like people doing that, like trying to take my spot," said Gable, who started five games last season. "Why would I just want to sit there like, 'Oh yeah, come on, do good.'

"To me, I don't want nobody to do good because I don't want nobody to take the glory from me. So I want to do what I have to do to get back on the field."

Gable started last season against Arkansas, becoming the first true freshman tailback in USC history to start an opener. He also started the last four games, including the Rose Bowl.

Gable, however, was limited in the off-season and during most of training camp because of the abdominal injury.

Gable has balls I will give him that. I am not completely comfortable with him not wanting anyone else to do well I mean he is part of a team and the team comes first right?

The level of competition that is in the air at SC can have a strange effect on people. These guys want to play and they don't want to give up the spot light all you have to do is look at Moody who it appears is about to transfer at Florida. I like the kids fire but he does need to look out for his teammates as well.

Lets hope the other players on the team don't take his comments personally.