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Green Rumors Cleared by the NCAA

Boy Howdy mentioned it in the diaries and I did as well.

I saw a preliminary post over on the Rivals premium side where someone "claiming" to be Green's older brother said that he, Green, had received word that he was cleared. I am always leery of these sorts of posts because there is no way to confirm them until we hear it from a credible source.

Green's older brother is Greg Wesley with the Kansas City Chiefs so if anyone would know the drill he would. Until one of the team beat writers talks to Carroll or Green it WILL NOT be confirmed. So we will only speculate as to it being a rumor.

Based on my contacts Pete Carroll was always confident on Green being cleared and he rarely misses on these.

Stay tuned...

Update [2007-8-24 16:24:28 by Paragon SC]: It is confirmed that Green has been cleared by the NCAA, WeAreSC had it first but both the LAT and Wolf have confirmed it also.

Welcome Broderick!