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Last Nights Scrimmage

As I noted last night I am not going to go crazy in trying to breakdown last nights scrimmage. I do want to point out a couple of interesting points that have come up.

Washington's Injury - I will have more on that in a separate post but is a sprained AC Joint in the shoulder.

Stafon - If Washington is unable to go, I think he will be, it looks like Stafon would be the starter and he is looking great. What a year a difference makes.

Booty's lack of Interceptions - it has been reported that Booty has thrown zero interceptions in 400 passes. That's nice, but I am more concerned about tipped or batted passes. That was the cause of both of our losses in 2006.

Washington's Performance - Based on what I have read, Chauncey being slimmed down looks to have increased his production, or as someone emailed me today; " [W]ashingon looked MUCH quicker than last year, still not a burner but he's got a little extra gear than before, more like his bad-ass 2003 self than the gimpy 2006 version. His leadership will be needed.

Wolf has the Stats here.

I noted yesterday that I wasn't going to go nuts over this scrimmage, as it was more for the coaches to answer some final questions and nail down the depth chart. Whatever their motivations were last night are theirs alone and I will continue to not get into a lot of detail as to "how things looked". Of course there were some detractors, one noted the lack of coverage on BON and there is one from the professional bomb thrower/clown from across town, I won't bother linking. Suffice it to say, not saying anything doesn't mean that we weren't paying attention we just don't need to waste a lot of time speculating about something that we are no position to know all of the details about. There is coverage and then there is noise, we chose to keep the noise down. Why these people care is way beyond me, stick to your own team.

As we go into Idaho prep I trust PC and his staff to do the right things. They have more than proven that before, unlike a certain coach who can't even determine the ability of his NEW back-up's that working out for you?