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Scrimmage at the Coliseum Tonight

SC holds a public scrimmage tonight at the Coliseum. Garry P at WeAreSC has a great guide to tonight's scrimmage.

This is important for both the coaches and the players as it is an opportunity for the players to solidify their positions or for some to make a move up the depth chart. The coaches will start to make their final preparations as they start to get ready for the Idaho game.

We are not going to get really crazy on a review after this scrimmage for a couple of reasons. 1) Obviously, I won't be there to see it for myself and 2) in the end I don't want to get into any speculation as to what was seen because I don't think we really know the whole story so while I'll listen to some may have to say but I will wait to see how it all shakes out.

We have a lot questions yet to be answered; the Offensive line still needs to get comfortable with all the new faces there. The running game needs to get up and running with some playmakers, Washington will be the #1 starter but who will be #2? On the receiving side of the ball Turner will be #1 but will it be Ausberry or Hazelton? Where does Travon Patterson fit in once his foot is healed?

You get the point.

This is great for the fans as we get ready for the upcoming season. Let's hope for a great, injury free scrimmage!