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On the heels of Emmanuel Moody transferring and Jamere Holland being dismissed and probably transferring it was reported that Shareece Wright was also thinking about transferring.

From the Daily News:

With two players leaving USC in the past week, Trojans coach Pete Carroll was concerned enough about rumors cornerback Shareece Wright might transfer to meet with the sophomore.

Wright said he considered transferring but never took any steps toward leaving.

"I thought about it," he said. "It came up here and there. But I didn't contact any other colleges."

Wright admitted he was stunned Carroll confronted him over the matter.

"It surprised me when he brought it up to me," Wright said. "I just told him if he heard it, I hadn't talked to anyone."

Carroll said he spoke to Wright after hearing Wright and wide receiver Jamere Holland might transfer.

It was then reported by Wolf on his blog that there might have been some outside influences in regards to some players either considering or actually transferring.

With Emmanuel Moody transferring and Jamere Holland leaving, USC coach Pete Carroll is convinced outsiders are trying to convince some players to leave the program.

"Those guys got their information from somewhere,'' Carroll said. "Somebody's talking to them. I have some ideas.''

I would not be surprised if there were agents form other programs whispering in the heads in some of the guys lower on the depth chart. I am not into conspiracy theories but I am also not foolish enough not to think that some programs will try and get a second bite at the apple if they can convince a top recruit to give up a year of eligibility in order to bolster their own rosters. This is the dirty side of CFB just like recruiting all you can do is keep an eagle eye on your players and try to set up some sort of buddy system to keep TWO pairs of eyes and ears alert for these sorts of situations.

It also shows a lot of jealousy towards USC and Pete Carroll. Some feel we have a gluttony of riches, as they can't comprehend how one program can amass so much talent. They have a tough time competing and will stoop any level to try and steal a player away. SC gets a bad rap, PC and his staff do what every other staff does they do it better as the results have shown. Recruits need to ask themselves "can I cut it?" just getting to SC is only part of the battle. Being able to perform and doing consistently is just as important. Some players take a second look and reevaluate others simply don't cut it.

In this era of players leaving early for the pros I think its pretty clear that you can never have enough talent. Some players seem to never understand the bigger picture and that is when they get happy and look to move on. SC does have some questions this year as the running game is not yet solidified, the O line has some new faces and the receiving corps gets settled into their new roles. But compared to other programs I will take my chances that we will do better than most if not all. We may have questions on offense but as Kyle has noted in the past, defense wins championships. So if that adage is true than I think we will be fine.