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You need to put in the Time

Gary Klein has a little more Jamere Holland's departure from the team. This kids really does have some talent but he just hasn't been able to put it together.

Carroll has not said why Holland was released. The coach said late Sunday night that Holland, who also competed for the track team last spring, was not dismissed because of a violation of team rules and that he would remain on scholarship.

Teammates and others close to the program said Holland had trouble grasping the commitment necessary to participate in a program as demanding as USC's.

Holland, the California state 100- and 200-meter champion in 2005, broke his collarbone during training camp last year and redshirted. Several times during the 2006 season, former receivers coach Lane Kiffin counseled Holland on the field after practice about punctuality and commitment to workouts and rehabilitation.

"I talked to him before but he's going to do what he wants to do," junior receiver Patrick Turner said. "All I could do is tell him what I know and what was best. After that, you either have to run with it or do what you want to do."

Clearly there is something else going on and it really doesn't matter because if he wouldn't listen to the leading receiver on the team then he wasn't going to listen to anyone. Some guys just don't pan out. No hard feelings here, that is why SC year in and year out goes after top talent. Someone is going to step up.

The best example of that is David Ausberry. He is clearly at the other end of the spectrum, as understood what it took and didn't get upset when things didn't go the way he had hoped in 2006. A year later he is much more comfortable and secure in his role on the team, in short he was willing to put in the time.

he consensus opinion going into Fall Camp was that Patrick Turner and Vidal Hazelton would be the two receivers to step up to fill their shoes, but redshirt freshman David Ausberry is making sure that this is at least a three man race.

Ausberry has been one of the real rising stars at fall camp, and he punctuated the first two weeks with a three touchdown Saturday afternoon practice in which he put on a show.

Ausberry attributes his success with being a year older and more comfortable with the Trojans offense. "I am able to play full speed because I know what to do now. I understand things a lot better now."

During camp, David Ausberry has made one spectacular play after another. With each successive grab, Ausberry has gained the trust and confidence of quarterback John David Booty. "That's what camp is for," explains Ausberry. "Everything starts to come together towards the end of camp and that's what things seem to be doing for everyone."

Some guys just know how to dig down deep and find a way to be in the mix, Ausberry has shown that. With all the great stories we have heard about in training camp this is just one more that we hope will have a great ending.