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Jamere Holland Dismissed

Pete Carroll has dismissed WR Jamere Holland from the team. We can speculate all we want on this but I am going to stick with I know and what I have read.

From Gary Klein at the LA Times:

USC receiver Jamere Holland was dismissed from the team, Coach Pete Carroll said late Sunday night.

Carroll declined to comment about why Holland was dismissed, but said it was not a violation of team rules.

"It was just the right thing to do," Carroll said.

Carroll said Holland, a redshirt freshman from Pacoima, would remain on scholarship this year, "but would weigh his options I'm sure."

Holland, who played at Woodland Hills Taft High, redshirted last season after breaking his collarbone. He reinjured his collarbone during spring practice and was counseled several times by coaches about a seeming lack of commitment to football.

That last sentence jumps right out at me. I really wasn't aware that there may have been a "lack of commitment" in regards to football; maybe he was more focused on track. What I do know is that Holland seemed a bit fragile, fractured collarbone - twice, a constant groin injury apparently from high school and a recent concussion. It also appears that there MAY have been some grumblings about a lack of playing time; that's is purely speculation but it is out there as a possible part of the problem. He obviously has the talent otherwise PC would not have recruited him but all the talent in the world means nothing if you can't stay healthy, that is the only way to get on the field.

The rumor is already circulating that he may end up at Florida with his old high school coach. Good for him! If he finds happiness and gets healthy maybe he will get the chance to play.

Of course if more comes out about this we will address it then.

Good luck Jamere!