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Please...can we tone it down just a bit?

There is an interesting article on MSNBC comparing Pete Carroll to Knute Rockne. Please, this is too much.

Pete Carroll has done some great things while at USC but even he would not want this sort of adulation. I understand that this sort of talk is to be expected with all the attention that SC is getting right now about the upcoming season. This is just not PC's cup of tea, he wants to do his job and be left alone doing it.

When I think about Pete Carroll, the name that keeps jumping into my head is Knute Rockne. I keep telling myself that there have to be better analogies, and there probably are. But my brain won't cooperate. It keeps whispering "Rockne."

This isn't an opinion based on careful analysis. It's a gut feeling. If it were anything else, I'd flippantly fling it in the recycle bin and move on.

It shouldn't be hard to do. Carroll isn't anything like Rockne, college football's first celebrity coach.

Again please, enough. Its pretty clear that Carroll wants to fly under the radar as best he can without all the fanfare and all these fluff pieces do is ratchet up all the haters into overdrive. Yes, USC has done some great things but there could have been more except for a few plays here and there that kept them from winning against Texas for the BCS Title and wining against ucla for a shot at another BCS Title.

I have more than sung my praises for all that Pete Carroll has done, but I am not foolish enough to think he is a god. We would all agree that timing is everything and that even though NO ONE thought we would have this type of success under Carroll no one will deny that they aren't jumping for joy at all that he is accomplished.

We are lucky to have him even if he was our 6th choice and I don't think anyone is regretting his hiring now even though there were a ton of questions when he stepped up to the podium. Pete Carroll has found his niche and SC will reap the rewards of his hard work for the forseable future but please lets not canonize him just yet, as he would be the first to tell you that he still has work to do.