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Saturday News and Notes

Busy day tomorrow so I will make this quick.

  • There is another fluff piece over at MSNBC on USC being the one to beat this year. After a while this just gets tedious.
  • Scott Wolf reports that it looks like Emmanuel Moody is in a better mood since he announced he was transferring. I am glad that there are no hard feelings with the players and that everyone is able to move on. it also looks like the other backs were comfortable with the setup, we'll see how it shakes out.
  • There has been a lot of talk about Fred Davis seeing a lot more touches in the coming season, as the new receivers get comfortable in the new roles. I thought Davis's season last year had its ups and downs. Mark S axon thinks this year he has the opportunity to really make a splash.
  • Gary Klein is reporting that Vincent Joseph looks to the in the lead for being the top kick returner this season. Klein also has a little more on Moody.
  • In case you need a refresher Adam Rose at the LA Times USC Blog has the breakdown on the Moody transfer and its ramifications on Moody.

As I noted earlier I hope to have my preseason BlogPoll tomorrow. It should be interesting to see how my poll stacks up against some the other bloggers out there.