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USC Blog at the LAT

A couple of months back the LA Times set up a bruin blog. They clearly wanted to get into the blog game along with the Daily News and the Press-Enterprise. Well they now have a USC blog as well.

All Things Trojan is written by Adam Rose, a former student. Like the bruin blog commentary will come from someone who knows the ins and outs of the USC athletic program. To some it may be self-serving but I think the bruin blog has put out some pretty good info so far. I know our friends from across town had a lot of misgivings about the bruin blog but it seems to be a pretty good site.

I see no reason why All Things Trojan can't do the same thing. I think the other local blogs, either USC or ucla, have done a pretty good job, though at times I think Scott Wolf can be a little too antagonistic towards either his commentors or "internet geeks" in general so this might be a fresh approach to get some good info without all the animosity that sometimes the press shows towards bloggers or rabid fans.

I also think that you should check out Most of you have already checked out this site I'm sure but I wanted to spend some time checking out their site before commenting on it. Talk about the ultimate insider access! This is a neat site and I can tell you that Ben Malcomson has done a great job with this site. It really is interactive and has ton of great information.

Definitely check them out.

Great Job Ben! Welcome aboard Adam!