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Scrimmage Notes

Last night SC had a scrimmage and it looks like things are coming together.

Running back Broderick Green, a freshman from Little Rock, and quarterback Mitch Mustain, a transfer from Arkansas, both made big impressions during the 78-play scrimmage at the Coliseum.

Green, a 6-foot-1, 230-pound tailback, gained 54 yards in seven carries and scored on a three-yard run in a style reminiscent of LenDale White.

"He's a horse, dude. That guy trucks," said quarterback John David Booty, who passed for three touchdowns. "It's amazing to watch him run. You think he's going to be down and he just keeps going and going. We're expecting big things from him."

Coach Pete Carroll also liked what he saw from Green, who is being allowed to practice while awaiting academic certification from the NCAA Clearinghouse.

"He was hard to tackle, he did well in the open field and he ran over a couple guys," Carroll said.

The thing that concerns me here is that Green is still not cleared by the NCAA, he is getting a lot of good reps but if he isn't cleared then it would seem to be a waste that reps were taken away from those who could benefit. That's just me though, there is no question that this kid is going to give us a lot of production once he is in the game and we need a someone at the fullback position to block and open up some holes to get the running game going.

Wolf has much the same tone in his piece today and his blog last night.

Tailback Broderick Green and new wide receiver Garrett Green highlighted USC's 78-play scrimmage Thursday night.

Broderick Green gained 60 yards in seven carries while Garrett Green caught three passes for 34 yards in his first game at receiver.

"It was fun; we'll see if I make the highlight reel," Garret Green said.

Broderick Green, still not cleared by the NCAA, was even more impressive.

"I was really pumped up by the big fella," USC coach Pete Carroll said.

Mitch Mustain looks like he is picking up the offense pretty well now. It will be interesting to see how it goes in 2008 between Sanchez and Mustain. I'm still calling it a toss up. I realize that "being the system" is valuable but Mustain has played in some big games at the D-1 level and you can't discount what he has done already with real game experience.

There are also some interesting remarks from Coach Carroll in regards to the Moody transfer and the depth chart at Running Back.

"Guys come here and know they'll play. If they lose that feeling, they're not going to fit. He didn't leave disgruntled. He's a great kid. He just thought he'd get a chance somewhere where the competition is different. He was at peace with his decision and said he had no regrets."

Carroll said fans are misled into thinking there are 10 tailbacks because injuries make it difficult for everyone to practice. Hershel Dennis, Allen Bradford, Joe McKnight, Marc Tyler and C.J. Gable all experienced injuries that limited their practice time in training camp.

"No, I'm not surprised if someone wants to leave. But we're not as right (at tailback) as it seems. We're not practicing with 10 guys because some guys have been banged up," Carroll said. "And we're losing four guys off this depth chart next season (Washington, Dennis, Reed, now Moody). It'll work itself out."

Like I said yesterday you can NEVER have a enough talent and we have seen what can happen during the season as well. So we will see how it goes with two weeks before the first game against Idaho, there is still some work to do.