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Sanchez out with a thumb injury

HT to Defender90 for pointing out the story on's blog about Mark Sanchez and his thumb injury. The blog post reads:

Quarterback Mark Sanchez has a hairline fracture in the thumb of his throwing hand, Coach Carroll said this afternoon.

The redshirt sophomore will be out at least three weeks, Carroll said. Sanchez hurt his right hand on a throw in Sunday night's scrimmage.

"It's tough news," Carroll said. "But in the meantime, Michael McDonald and Aaron Corp will get a lot more work at the backup spot."

All that Scott Wolf has to say (as of 9.30 p.m. Eastern) is that Sanchez "is not practicing and has a taped right thumb."

I was just chatting with Paragon and he's not convinced that it would be a three week recovery from a fracture - that apparently is the time frame associated with a bad sprain. He's going to check with some folks tomorrow and will post later in the day.

Programming note: Paragon will be off-line until later tomorrow, and I will be without internet access all day (the horror) for the next three days, so look for posts at random hours. Thanks for your understanding.