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So what about Sanchez?

There has been a lot of talk about John David Booty and the season ahead. Can Booty take this team to the BCS Title game? Can he win the Heisman? What about Mitch Mustain? There has been a lot of talk, including here on CC that he may be the next starting QB at USC. Mustain certainly has shown that he is a gamer and know's how to win. Then there is newcomer Aaron Corp, he is being groomed as this season's #3 QB, Mustain must sit out this season due to his transfer.

Sanchez has had to endure a lot. Last years arrest on sexual assault charges certainly opened his eyes that he is a target and it must have shaken his confidence a little bit, it may have been an off the field issue but with being a 19 year old kid it doesn't take much to shake your tree I don't care how good you are. He definitely has the talent but does he have the moxy to stay in the mix? There is quick piece in today's LA Times by Gary Klein wondering just that.

... sophomore quarterback Mark Sanchez hopes to impress tonight at the Coliseum when the Trojans scrimmage for the first time. The scrimmage is closed to the public.

Sanchez performed well during Saturday's afternoon practice after struggling the last few workouts.

Coach Pete Carroll counseled Sanchez on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

"I'm expecting him to play like a starter and expecting him to perform like a starter and make the decision a starter makes because he's one snap away from having to run this program," Carroll said.

Sanchez's struggles were borne of frustration, Carroll said.

"He had a couple bonehead plays we would never expect our quarterbacks to make and they rarely do," Carroll said. "I thought it was out of character for him. . . . It's understandable. He's a championship football player. He came here to play and he's ready to play and sometimes it makes him [angry]. He wants to play."

Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian also has talked to Sanchez about not trying too hard.

Sanchez has been a little out the public eye of late so of course the fans are left to wonder what's up. His struggling in practice doesn't help matters. He needs to get his head on straight and be a productive back-up QB. There is nothing standing in the way of his starting if JDB goes down for whatever reason so he needs to step up and get things in perspective.

He is actually in the best situation he can literally fly under the radar and get his game in order while the Mustain love fest continues. He really has no pressure on him to get ready as this is his year to really prepare for the competition that is sure to come next season. I think he can do it, lets hope he does.